Several Wolseley Businesses flourish in the valley, providing much needed employment and support to the Wolseley and surrounding Witzenberg communities. Wolseley lies on a natural watershed dividing the Berg and Breede Rivers. The resulting abundance of water enables a variety of farming to occur in the valley, including fruit, vegetables, olives, wheat, dairy, sheep and grapes. Wolseley is situated just an hour and a half from Cape Town along the R46. The main railway line from Cape Town to the interior passes through Wolseley and commuters can make use of Metro rail's Boland Blitz service. The junction to Ceres was opened in 2016 by Ceres Rail and businesses in Wolseley can now take advantage of the freight service to Cape Town.

Rora Orchards

Rora Orchards consists of Rora and Nooitgedacht farms in Wolseley and Vergenoeg in Ceres. The business is run by Nigel Dicey and son Duncan.  Rora farm has been in the family the longest and hosts Rora Orchards pack shed and Farm crèche. Nooitgedacht Farm, situated at the foot of the Mostertshoek, is planted to mostly export pears and plums. Vergenoeg, nestled at the foot of the Ceres Mountains, is planted to pears, peaches and apples and consists of a very efficient office, community center, and crèche.



Tel: +27 (0) 824388452

Wolfpack Wolseley Fruit Packers

Wolfpack specialises in pears and packs about 900 000 cartons annually for export. The pears are sorted by electronic weight sizing and stored in a number of regulated and controlled atmosphere coldstores.


Tel:- +27 (023) 231 1066