Guided hike to Wolseley Weir

Hike in Wolseley, with great views and guide.

Roderick is available to guide hikers to the Wolseley Weir in the Tierhokkloof .
This entire hike is an estimated 5 km and should take between 2-3 hours, which includes some time to relax and enjoy a swim in the clear mountain pool before making your way back.
The terrain is moderate and takes you along the pipeline which supplies the town of Wolseley with its water supply. Walkers require some balance over short areas, but there is an alternative clamber option if you do not wish to “pipe walk”.

Meeting point: Creative Hub – opposite Olive Rock and White Bridge Farm Accommodation
What to bring: Sun Hat. Closed shoes. Sense of adventure

Andrew will provide a walking stick which you can purchase from him after the walk if you have bonded with it.
The walk is private and very beautiful.

Hikers can expect to see a variety of fynbos, birds, hyrax and the odd antelope like klipspringers etc.
COST: R50 per person
Minimum of R150.00 per outing
Booking is essential

CELL NUMBER: 061 031 4235

Picnic baskets available by arrangement
Walkers participate at their own risk
We plan to offer a variety of walks in the future, watch this space!

Bosjes a new treat for Wolseley visitors

The magnificent Bosjes has certainly got the Western Cape talking - Samantha Linsell's article and photographs perfectly capture this very unique venue, just 10 minutes from the village of Wolseley.

"Today I got a sneak peek into the very beautiful Bosjes Farm in the Breede River Valley before it’s opening in the middle of this month. I had seen many pictures of its chapel, the design of which was inspired by a bird in flight, but seeing it in the flesh was even more impressive. It is exquisite. From a distance it looks to me like a swan gliding across the water, and is a stunning space to look at and be in.

The property is nestled at the foot of the Waaihoek Mountains and there are panoramic views in every direction. The small boutique guesthouse has 5 luxury suites and gorgeous pool in the middle. The décor has an earthy, natural but contemporary feel that blends into the stark surroundings."

Read the full article here

Photographs and article by Sam Linsell

www: A Warm Wolseley Welcome by the Cape Wine Lovers Society

My partner and I returned to Cape Town from Wolseley after two days of work and pleasure. She had enjoyed meeting the Tourist Office staff and local business owners for her Social Media Workshop. I had visited five utterly different wine farms and tasted so many different wines of every style and variety. I realised that there’s so much more to do in the area – hiking, mountain-bike riding, fishing and more – with its spectacular scenery. Even so, we had time to stop off at the Farmyard Honey Factory on the R46 and see one of the Wolseley blockhouses as we passed through. The old forts were built in 1901 by the British during the Anglo-Boer War to protect the railway bridges from Boer attacks.

I have two reasons to return: to taste the 2017 Chenin Blanc and to visit the farmers’ market at Mountain Ridge wines. There are more vineyards to taste wines too, which are not shown on the Tourist Office map or website.

Another reason perhaps is to sketch out a Wolseley Wine Route for the Tourist Office. It is needed. I already have a name in mind. WWW again but not for the Warm Wolseley Welcome. It will be WWW for Peter’s Wolseley Wine Wanderings!

Read the rest of the review on the Cape Wine Lovers Society Page

Content and images courtesy of Cape Wine Lovers Society

Wolseley Agrimark puts the swing back

Marlo Lotter, Manager of the Wolseley Agrimark, reported that he was approached by one of their clients, to assist in repairing the swings at the local Malikhanye crèche in Pine Valley, Wolseley.

Without any hesitation, they decided to become involved with the project. They fitted new chains, and built six swings with ordinary motorcar tyres, one with a wooden seat, and a large swing with a tractor tyre.

According to Marlo the project was carried out during the Easter holiday period, and the children were ecstatic on their return when they found that the swings were repaired.

Marlo also thanked Tony Rosendal and the rest of his team for making such a valuable contribution towards the development of the children attending the Malikhanye crèche.

Originally posted on Agri mark website

Thank you Agrimark #wolseleyza for your support in our valley.

Day trips from Cape Town

Explore scenic mountain passes and quaint farm stalls.

A beautiful Cape Town Day trip.

Did you know the 60km stretch of road between Prince Alfred's Hamlet and Worcester now boasts a total of 7 farm stalls? What's even more remarkable is the fact that 5 of these are situated in the Wolseley Tourism area.

From Hamlet you'll find Die Botterskorsie and in Michell's Pass between Ceres and Wolseley Tolhuis Bistro 's farm stall. On the R43 your are welcomed by Hillbilly Farm Farm Stall, The Creative Hub (both White Bridge area) and then Die Vet Spens, Die Container and Rietdakkie.

Road tripping around Cape Town.

This is definitely a whole Saturday or Sunday's worth of road-tripping. They sell anything from fruit, veggies, crafts, hand-made clothing, honey, dried fruit, recycled glassware, free-range eggs, Nguni hides, wind pumps, rooibos tea to bottled goodies, home-made lemonade, roosterkoek and biltong.

Find unique, handcrafted Christmas gifts

Find contact details and more information here

The story behind a name

The name of this farm came about when new owner, Patrick Pols, arrived at the property and counted seven Oak trees in the driveway, prompting his wife Jacqui to name the farm over the phone, Seven Oaks.  A while later, when Jacqui visited the farm for the first time, there were only six Oaks.  A seventh was immediately planted, giving rise to the unique logo used.

Wines of Wolseley Seven Oaks

Let us warmly welcome you to sample our wines, see where they are produced and to share our passion for wine.  Taste unique, award winning, speciality wine among the ambience of mountains and peacefulness of the farm.

Our cellar is currently under construction, so tastings are by appointment only until completion.

We offer a wide selection of white, rosé and red wines, within 2 wine ranges:
–  our Seven Oaks range are young, easy drinking wines, and
–  our 6+1 range are barrel matured red wines.

At Seven Oaks our philosophy is “produced with passion”, our collection of wines are meant to be drunk and enjoyed with friends and family during holidays, special     occasions and dinners at home.

Visit our website to read more





29 September 1969

Dit is lente. Tulbagh, Wolseley en Ceres se bome staan vol in bloeisels, te pragtig om te aanskou.

Dit is Maandag 29 September 1969 en almal is besig met die gewone take, maar kort – kort is daar ‘n dreuning wat ons laat frons en wonder waar daar alweer rotse weggeskiet en die aarde verniel word. So 9:30 die aand is ons kamer toe vir ons nagrus. Skaars in die bed of ‘n geweldige dreuning en beweging roep ons regop en uit die bed. Die aarde dreun, my kop is dronk van skrik, toe raak dit erger en erger! Ek spring uit die bed hardloop gang af na my kinders se kamer toe, my man gaan na my ou Vader, wat by ons kuier, se kamer. In die gang maak die vloer soos ontstuimige branders. Ons gryp mekaar en na die mure, struikelend en sukkelend om onsself, die kinders en pappie uit die huis te kry. “Kom vinnig na buite, elkeen met ‘n kombers om en maak gou!” skreeu my man, Roelf.  Die kinders is bewend en huilend en my pappie dood verskrik. Ons is gly, gly oor die ingelegte flesse vrugte en konfyt, dwarsdeur stukkende borde en glase oor die kombuisvloer. Te vinnig om seer te kry. Die mure om ons beweeg nader en weer weg. Niks staan stil nie en mens gryp tevergeefs na iets, alles beweeg! Buite moet ons keer vir elektriese en telefoon-drade wat in die pad afgeruk lê. Verskrik, stilswyend, vraend kyk ons mekaar aan en wonder wat aangaan.

Al wat leef is angsbevange en buite hulle huise. Ons weet nie watter kant toe nie, waar sal ons veilig wees? Alles om ons is stukkend. Ons staan bewend en wag op wat volgende gaan gebeur. Ons kyk op na die berge. Sou dit ook gebewe het? Ons vra hoekom? Wat was dit? Wat gaan ons maak, waarheen, hoe? Almal staan verwonderd, onwetend, onseker en bang!

“Kinders… kyk die vure in die berge. Is dit nie die wedekoms nie?” vra sê my ou vader met angsbevange gesag. Die kinders huil! Roelf sê net, “Pa.” Ons staan nader aan mekaar en die harte klop sodat ons gewaar en bewus is van elkeen se nabyheid. Bewus van die almagtige se almag. Dit was nie meer vir ons lente nie, maar ‘n vreemde wêreld. Alles is stukkend en deurmekaar.

Ons is bang vir ons huise met die bewende mure. Daar is geen water en geen krag. Ons is bang, bang en stukkend! Waar moet ons begin?

Ons het weer na alles opgestaan en opnuut besef dat ons niks is nie!

Elke jaar en selfs weer op die aand van 29 September 2016 rondom 10 uur se kant, lui die kerkklokke van Tulbagh, Wolseley en Ceres net om ons weer bewus te maak van ons swakheid, ons einlike niks wees…


Skrywe: Christene Zeeman

History of wolseley 1969 earthquake

24 April 1968, Die Burger Hoe Koos van der Merwe Koning Geword het.

Waar kom Koos aan die bynaam van Koning? Snaaks genoeg is dit ‘n verhaal wat nog nooit gepubliseer is nie. En waar dit nou vir die eerste keer gedoen word, moet die tyd 21 jaar teruggeskuif word na Vrydagaand, 21 Februarie 1947.
Dit was op daardie gedenkwaardige aand dat Koning George VI en sy gevolg op die plaas Goedgeloof van Mnr Albertus van der Merwe in die Breëriviervallei naby Bainskloof oornag het.

Lees so bietjie verder



At Waboomsrivier Wine Cellar tradition is honoured and true hospitality and wine of excellence are effortlessness combined.

The early settlers took the wood of the Waboom, closely related to the world renowned Protea-family (Protea Arborea), and build their wagon wheels with it. The tree’s bark was used as leather and even the leaves were used to produce ink. It was the name of this tree, indigenous to the surroundings, which gave birth to Waboomsrivier Wine Cellar.

The grapes from this valley vary between sandy riverbeds to very rocky soils from high up in the mountains. Not only known for the delightful grapes, peaches and pears from this origin have gained quite a reputation at the fresh market. Prunes, apples olives, pecan nuts and persimmons are also grown in this fertile valley.

Situated in one of the most magnificent wine locations in the world and gracefully tucked away on the banks of the Breede River between Worcester and Ceres, lies Waboomsrivier Wine Cellar.

On this picturesque piece of land with a breath taking view of the Bainskloof pass, the legacy of generations of wine and vine loving people are kept dotingly between these walls. Our wine philosophy is simple: fresh and fruity. By using only the best grapes possible we bring nature to you in a bottle – as it is intended to be.