At Waboomsrivier Wine Cellar tradition is honoured and true hospitality and wine of excellence are effortlessness combined.

The early settlers took the wood of the Waboom, closely related to the world renowned Protea-family (Protea Arborea), and build their wagon wheels with it. The tree’s bark was used as leather and even the leaves were used to produce ink. It was the name of this tree, indigenous to the surroundings, which gave birth to Waboomsrivier Wine Cellar.

The grapes from this valley vary between sandy riverbeds to very rocky soils from high up in the mountains. Not only known for the delightful grapes, peaches and pears from this origin have gained quite a reputation at the fresh market. Prunes, apples olives, pecan nuts and persimmons are also grown in this fertile valley.

Situated in one of the most magnificent wine locations in the world and gracefully tucked away on the banks of the Breede River between Worcester and Ceres, lies Waboomsrivier Wine Cellar.

On this picturesque piece of land with a breath taking view of the Bainskloof pass, the legacy of generations of wine and vine loving people are kept dotingly between these walls. Our wine philosophy is simple: fresh and fruity. By using only the best grapes possible we bring nature to you in a bottle – as it is intended to be.



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