Where to stay

Discover amazing places to stay in and around Wolseley. From romantic cottages, fully equipped self catering houses or cabins to convenient village stays. Wolseley offers a variety of accommodation to suit your travel needs. Read more

Attractions & Activities

Wolseley is the gateway to adventures, attractions and activities in the Witzenberg area. Just 15 mins from Tulbagh and Ceres, you can taste wine, enjoy breath taking scenic drives, zipslide, explore the mountain trails by foot, bike or horse. Read more

Local Businesses

Traditionally a farming community, a variety of farming activities and associated businesses can be found around Wolseley such as fruit, vegetables, wine, olives, wheat, dairy and cattle. Read more

Restaurants & more

For the hungry, Wolseley and surrounds offer a wonderful mix of eateries. Enjoy casual dining at pubs, bistros, restaurants and quaint coffee shops. Savour amazing pizzas, traditional South African platters, the best vetkoek in the region read more

Weddings & Conferences

Wolseley is home to many varied wedding and conference venues. Inspired by natural surrounds and set amongst dramatic mountains, vineyards and orchards, creating unforgettable memories.  Read More

Events & Markets

Regular farmers markets, MTB cycling events and much more, this little valley is far from being a sleepy hollow! Save the date for these great events


Small towns are rich in history, family stories and of course a little gossip too. Be sure to follow our blog to learn about the area, find out about upcoming events, seasonal activities and a whole lot more

Wines of Wolseley

As part of the Cape Winelands and Route 62, Wolseley is of course home to a variety of wineries. From award-winning organic wines to family owned boutique wineries, visitors have a wide range of wines to taste..